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Frankie Lola Dribble Bibs

I get asked all the time what our bibs are made from, whether they absorb liquid whilst protecting your little one’s skin, are they fastened with poppers or velcro and what age range, so I decided to dedicate a page to show you just how wonderful our bandana bibs really are and why Frankie Lola should be the bib of choice.

What material are our bibs made from?

The top layer of our bibs is 100% cotton and the bottom is made from a supersoft dimple cuddlesoft minky velboa fabric, which has a fleecy feel to the touch, is gentle on your little one’s skin and protects them from any moisture, so super absorbent.

We do not have any plastic liners in our bibs, the minky lining does the trick!

Our bibs wash AMAZINGLY well, I can’t stress this enough – Teddy wears hers all the time and they still look like new.

Yellow & White Chevvy Bib

How do our bibs fasten?

Our bibs have 2 poppers so you can adjust around the neck for a comfortable fit.

Splodge Bib

What is the age range?

Customers have bought our boy bandana bibs and girl bandana bibs for their newborns and toddlers and the feedback has been excellent from both age groups – Frankie Lola bibs fit like a glove! The dimensions are 30 x 30 x 45cm.

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    Blue & white stripe Frankie Lola bib

    Why choose a Frankie Lola bib?

    Firstly, with our vast selection of carefully chosen designs, we have a bib to suit every occasion, outfit and colour combination, so hopefully you will find something on our website that ticks all the boxes.

    Here at Frankie Lola we don’t believe that you need to spend fortunes to make your children look great so we combine quality with an affordable price.

    The feedback has been mind blowing with customers who had previously bought from our established competitors telling us they now prefer our range and we are their bib of choice, which I must say is music to our ears.

    We are very proud of our products and have every confidence in them

    So why not give Frankie Lola bibs a go and let us know what you think… we love hearing your feedback!!