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Let me introduce Frankie Lola my first ever child, my first ever love she is my inspiration in starting this business Just to rewind and take you back to the start ……

Since my early 20’s I had worked in the City of London and had a great time, work work work and plenty of play play play!!! In 2011 this all came to a rapid halt once I found out I was pregnant with Frankie.

After finding out this amazing news, I decided to leave my job and become a full time Mummy – a job that has been challenging, tiring, sometimes emotionally draining but the most rewarding and the best experience by far and one I wouldn’t change for the world. A lot of time was spent with my daughter; we became the best of friends and I was truly in my element.


Teddy Eva

In 2014 we introduced another member to the family – my second daughter Teddy Eva this is when our whirl wind hit our house!!

A little girl with so much energy matched with a whole heap of attitude the combination shall we say is challenging and eventful but she has made our little family complete and I am one happy Mummy.

After changing Teddy’s outfit for the umpteenth time due to her constant dribbling, I decided to hunt down some bibs that were given to me as gifts when she was born. I hadn’t needed them with Frankie so this was all new to me. After finding them at the back of the wardrobe I put a few on her – some just didn’t go with her outfits, some didn’t fit properly and some were just plain old fashioned, so I went with the best of a bad bunch and continued on with my day.

Light Bulb Moment

Since becoming a single mother the pressure was on to become financially independent, I wanted to provide for my girls and show them that with a bit of hard work anything is achievable, the girls’ father had always been the bread winner so things needed to change and fast.

I needed to find a new passion a new challenge a new interest that could allow me to still look after my two beautiful daughters the thinking cap was firmly on but I just couldn’t come up with anything that could encompass these things.

I was out one morning with Teddy having a cup of tea looking at her in one of her ugly bibs and I thought I’m sure I can come up with something better than these surely – so Frankie Lola was born there and then, my third and final little baby.

Thank you for reading and I hope you love our range of bibs and accessories as much as we do here at Frankie Lola.

Bobbie XXXX

Frankie Lola bibs on a clothes line

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