An Ode to Mum Friends

When the kids are going crazy
And you’re feeling all alone
There’s a group of fellow Mummies
Who you’ll call to have a moan

They will never sit in judgement
Upon your messy house
And nod in full agreement
When you bitch about your spouse

These friends are real and honest
When days are long and hard
For they will share their own tales
From which they’re also scarred

These Mums are such a godsend
They can turn around a day
From being a disaster
To one that’s full of play

So, when that day is over
And you’re needing to unwind
These Mums are great companions
To get drunk and speak your mind

They don’t make you feel guilty
Or like you’re not enough
They love to let you know
That you are made of stronger stuff

When you’re feeling overwhelmed
They really are the best
At finding something funny
To help forget that you are stressed

No-one else can understand
In quite the way they do
The ups and downs of parenthood
And what we all go through

It’s the only kind of friendship
That’s forged on lack of sleep
And brings much needed laughter
In place of need to weep

The fails that we admit
The worries that we share
Make bonds that feel like lifelines
To other Mums that care

Though parenting brings its own joys
With every day that comes
It also means we get a chance
To get to know these Mums

Frankie Lola xxx