Essential Baby Bibs Buying Guide

If you’re becoming a new parent or have already welcomed your baby boy or girl into this world, you’ll understand that bibs are essential for providing a layer of protection between your baby’s messy habits and clothes.

However, with so many different bibs available you may be wondering ‘which bib is the best for my child?’.

In our essential guide to buying the perfect bib, we’re exploring styles, comfort, fit and more to help you make the right choice.

Top Things to Consider When Buying the Perfect Baby Bib

Types of Bibs

1. Bandana Bibs

Baby bandana bibs differ from the standard bib design because of their unique shape. These are usually made from soft fabric and are the ideal bib for everyday use for newborns all the way up to toddlers.

2. Feeding Bibs

Feeding bibs are great for mealtimes and help protect your baby’s clothes as much as possible. Many feeding bibs are plastic and have a built-in curved tray to catch falling food, preventing this from landing on your little one’s lap or on your clean floor.

3. Baby Dribble Bibs

Also known as ‘drool bibs’, dribble bibs are super absorbent and comfortable enough for your baby to roam around in throughout the day. These come in a range of colourful designs and fun patterns, and will help catch excess dribble so that this doesn’t soak into the baby’s clothes.

4. Long-Sleeved Bibs

To help keep your baby mess-free during meal times or messy play, a long sleeve bib will cover the arms and majority of the body making it incredibly hard for your baby’s clothes to get ruined. This provides the best protection and features an open back, allowing you to easily remove the bib from your baby without spilling the contents everywhere.


It is vital that your little one feels comfortable in his/her bib and that this does not irritate their skin. At Frankie Lola, our bibs are made from polycotton on top and supersoft dimple cuddlesoft minky velboa fabric on the bottom for a fleecy feel that’s incredibly gentle and comfortable for them to wear.

Easy to Fold

Your baby is likely to need more than one bib, therefore easy folding bibs will allow you to store these without any difficulty. It’s important you choose a bib that not only looks great but is practical too so that this won’t take up too much room in your bag or drawer (especially if you have limited space).

The Perfect Fit

A perfectly fitted bib will form a nice snug fit around your child’s neck and it will be tricky for your baby to wriggle out of.

Frankie Lola bibs fit like a glove! Our dimensions are 30 x 30 x 45 cm and all products fasten with two poppers around the neck for a comfortable fit.


It should come as no surprise that your baby’s bib is going to get messy and require lots of cleaning. Therefore, we would recommend purchasing an easy to clean bib that does not come with any special cleaning instructions.

Our bibs wash amazingly well in a washing machine at 30 degrees heat and can be mixed with similar colours. Tumble dry these on a low heat so they come out looking as good as new!


Are you looking for a personalised, colourful, plain, or patterned bib? At Frankie Lola, you will be spoilt for choice as we have a carefully selected range of bibs to bring out your child’s personality.

We also have a selection of allergy awareness bibs which act as a visible reminder of your little one’s dietary restrictions when out at a restaurant or with a childminder.

So, there you have our round-up of what you should consider when buying a baby bib. We hope this will help you choose the perfect accessory for your child’s needs and should you decide to shop with us, you can browse our affordable boy and girl bandana bibs on our website.