4 Messy Eating Tips for Babies

It won’t come as any surprise to you that babies and toddlers are notoriously messy eaters. Whether it’s mashed potato in hair, leftover surprises wedged between floorboards or milk sprayed across the counter, you’re guaranteed to be left with a messy room and baby to clean. 

But that isn’t anything to worry about. Messy eating is a brilliant, normal developmental stage which allows for a sensory experience like no other. Squashing, squeezing, chewing, wiping, spitting food out – it’s all part of an experimental learning process. 

Whilst we believe there are a great number of positives to come from messy eating, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare (mentally and physically…) to save your sanity and make the clean up at least a little bit easier. From our super-soft, super-absorbent bandana bibs to parent-tested solutions, keep reading for Frankie Lola’s 4 top tips for your messy eaters!

Choose your space wisely

This may seem a little obvious, but when it comes to mealtime choose an area which you aren’t afraid to get dirty. Try to steer clear of cream carpets or areas where food can easily get lost, trodden in (you may have pets or other children) or could stain valuable belongings. The last thing you want to be doing is scrubbing away at stains that could have been prevented.

Normally, your safest option is the kitchen – but we will leave that up to you to decide. 

Mess proof your floor

Baby + Meal Time + Gravity = Messy Floor. There’s no way you’re finishing dinner without at least one splatter on the floor. Get yourself ahead of the game and save food from becoming wedged between floorboards by laying down a rug, easy-clean mat or surface to catch the mess.

We also recommend waiting until the very end to clean up. Don’t try to clean every time a mess is made, otherwise you might find yourself locked in a food throwing game you definitely didn’t sign up for!

Get your little one an easily-washable bib

Sadly, we won’t be able to promise that your baby’s clothes will not get covered in food, but bibs are a perfect way to catch the majority of it.

With so many different bib options, which one do you choose? Our Frankie Lola Bandana Bibs, of course! Whilst we are a little biased, we do know for sure that our bibs are gentle on your little one’s skin, protects them from moisture and wash amazingly well – and washable fabric is essential for a messy eater. You can find out more information about our bandana bibs here. 

Embrace the mess

Finally – embrace it! Try to make dinner time a positive experience for you both. We know this can be difficult, especially if meals are particularly frustrating for you, but staying calm can make a huge difference to your baby’s learning and positive association with meals. 

Allow your little one to engage in sensory play and try to only jump in if the mess has gone too far, such as in their eyes. It may even help them to learn how to feed themselves sooner than normal. 

Of course, each child is different and it’s important to do whatever works for you. All you need to remember is: prepare yourself and your space, stay calm and embrace the mess. Browse our range of boy bandana bibs or girl bandana bibs today to help take the edge off cleaning. Our bibs and cotton baby blankets are designed to wash amazing well!