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About our bibs

What are our bibs made from?

The top layer of our bibs is a cotton mix and the bottom layer is a supersoft dimple cuddlesoft minky velboa fabric

How do our bibs fasten?

Our bibs have 2 poppers

What are the sizes of our bibs?

30 x 30 x 45 cm

What is the age range?

Our bibs are from newborn up to approx 4 years

How should our bibs be washed?

Bibs can be washed on a 30 degree cycle with similar colours and tumble dried on a low heat – they will come out looking as good as new!
*Please note some of our bibs are hand wash only but this will be stated in the title of the item
Turquoise  & Gold Bib (Hand wash only)

About our hair wraps

What are our Hair Wraps made of?

Our hair wraps are made from a cotton mix

How do our Hair Wraps tie?

Our hair wraps do not have a fixed knot so you can tie to fit all sizes of head comfortably

What size do our Hair Wraps come in?

Baby/Toddler (one size fits all) approx 70cm
Older Girl (4-11 years one size fits all) approx 78cm
Mummy (one size fits all) approx 85cm
*please note there is a slight variation on length of wraps, this is due to the hair wraps being handmade and the differences in material used, some are stretchier than others

How should our Hair Wraps be washed?

Ideally our hair wraps should be hand washed but can go in a 30 degree cycle and line dried.

Red & White Stripey

About our blankets

What are our blankets made of?

Our blankets are made from the same material as our bibs the top layer is a cotton mix and the bottom layer is a supersoft dimple cuddlesoft minky velboa fabric.

What size are our blankets?

75cm x 79cm

What is the age range of our blankets?

Our blankets are for new borns up to approx 12 months

How should our blankets be washed?

Our blankets should be hand washed or put on a delicate cycle and line dried.

Sweet Treats Blanket

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