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London Zoo Trousers

London Zoo Trousers

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These trousers are perfect for all occasions, a very light cotton and not too restricting so will keep little one comfortable. The waist on the trousers are elasticated. We also have matching bibs and hair wraps in Older Girl, Mummy and 0-3 Years sizes.  Please note matching accessories for these trousers will be too large for Prem/Newborn


Prem outside leg 30cm and inner leg 15cm

Newborn outside leg 33cm and inner leg 16cm

0-3 Months outside leg 34cm and inner leg 17cm

3-6 months outside leg 37cm and inner leg 18cm

6-9 months outside leg 40cm and inner leg 21cm

9-12 months outside leg 42cm and inner leg 23cm 

12- 18 months outside leg 46cm and inner leg 25cm

18-24 months outside leg 50cm and inner leg 28cm

2 Years outside leg 52cm and inner leg 30cm

3 Years outside leg 57cm and inner leg 33cm 





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